Monday, March 3, 2014

Lots of Cowls!

My students keep making cowls so much that there are already 5 cowls done in less than a month! Yay!! It is so nice to see a variety of cowls in one place.

Here are the pictures of how they look on them:

I thought it nice to have a range of colors to add a splash of color in your wardrobe - gray + gray is chic and nice but gray + yellow or gray+ turquoise is also nice for a fresh look.

I have so many "gray" cowls and scarfs but I don't have any accent color ones. May I should make some to brighten up my look as well!

Now it is already March and I  have to think hard for my spring/summer collection in my etsy shop... I know I have to move on to cotton/linen yarns, but I just love the scrumptiously soft touch of wools and cannot stop knitting them.

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