Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Pattern Release - Practice Shawl

I finally released my new pattern - Practice Shawl. I first wrote this pattern back in 2010 when I was teaching a knitting class in Manhattan - this shawl was designed to learn basic stitches including knit & purl, lace, wrap stitches, ribbing and cables - my students loved it back then.

Since then, I had no time editing/checking to see if the pattern works fine, but one of my knitting friends did an enormous amount of test knitting - and here it is! I am so happy I didn't give up on releasing this pattern.

I have been using this shawl for almost 5 years now and it doesn't look worn at all - habu linen XS-21 is a pretty strong yarn with beautiful behavior. It is not too hard to knit with this yarn (some of Habu's yarns are so beautiful but pretty hard to knit with); linen is not as stretchy as some wool yarns, so it may be a bit uncomfortable for those who never used linen before, but other than that, it is a nice crisp yarn to work with.

I would like to see this in many different yarns - maybe wool, alpaca, cotton, silk, etc.... and heavier weight or double width. There are so many possibilities for this shawl.

Most of sections have only 12-16 rows, so before you start to get bored of repeating a same pattern, you will move on to the next pattern. I made it so that my student won't get too tired of repeating a same thing - especially for those who just started knitting, too much repetition sometimes turns them off from knitting, and I designed in a way so that people won't get too tired from repetition.

Hope to see many practice shawls around!

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